●Policy Committee


・Marketing and Industry Promotions Committee

-Engaged in studies of various problems encountered by member companies such as management, labor, materials, production and sales, etc.

-Engaged in a wide range of statistical surveys spanning production, sales, import and export of fluid power equipment and components to related fittings and accessories.

-Engaged in organizing and sponsoring of the international fluid power exhibition (IFPEX) and in organizing participants to various user-industry shows at home.

-Diffusion of JFPA’s Product Liability Insurance and Life Insurance Systems among JFPA member companies and development of ever better systems to help member companies meet changes of business environments at home and abroad.

-Engaged in intensifying interchanges with foreign countries through receiving and dispatching missions, especially on the occasion of fluid power shows at home and abroad.

-Engaged in interchange and joint work of fluid power statistics eyeing an ultimate worldwide fluid power statistics and joint work of fluid power statistics eyeing an ultimate worldwide fluid power statistics and construction of cooperative network among fluid power organizations to help achieve the aforementioned goal.

-Engaged in arranging participation on ajoint basis in world-famous fluid power shows aboad.


・Technical Committee

-Engaged in joint research and development work in search for new technologies, improvement and sophistication as well as standardization and energy conservation, etc. in the field of oil-/water-hydraulics and pneumatics technology.

-Engaged in compilation of technical guidelines for the Product Liability and joint study on environmental matters and ISO, etc.


・Standardization Committee

-Engaged in worldwide fluid power standardization joint work through positive participation in international meetings and sponsoring of ISO meetings in Tokyo, etc.

-Engaged in harmonization of ISO standards and JIS reflecting properly the outcomes thus produced.


・Small -and Medium- Size Enterprises Committee

-Engaged in studies on how the smaller enterprises should comply with chages in the domestic and world economy as well as examination of various problems common to them in order to strengthen their corporate structures.


・Editorial Committee


Japan Fluid Power Association will be led by the following members of the Board of Directors and Auditors: Terms through May 2018 ~ May 2020;


   Chairman                             Mr. Takashi Ishikawa
                                                (President, TAIYO, Ltd)

   Vice Chairman                      Mr. Yasusuke Nakajima
                                                 (Chairman and President, KYB Corporation)
                                                  Mr. Toshikazu Miyauchi
                                                   (Chairman, Konan Electric Co., Ltd.)
                                                   Mr. Mikio Juman
                                                    (President, Kamui Co., Ltd.)                                                                            
                                                   Mr. Yoshio Taoka
                                                      (President, Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.)

    Director, West Japan Branch:    Mr. Yoshio Taoka
                                                      (President, Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.)  

   Executive Director:                    Mr. Tatsuya Fujiwara

   Number of Directors:                 28 Companies

   Auditor:                                     Mr. Masahiko Matsui
                                                        (Senior Adviser, Matsui Corporation)
                                                       Mr. Seiji Furukawa
                                                         (Furukawa tax accountant office)