Greeting from JFPA Chairman


I, Takashi Ishikawa (President of TAIYO, LTD), became the 17th Chairman of the Japan Fluid Power Association (JFPA) in May 2018.

The JFPA traces its roots back to the Hydraulics Association established in 1956 with 14 member companies, and the Japan Automatic Components Association established in the same year with 9 member companies.  In 1986 the two associationsmerged to form the Japan Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association, which subsequently took its current name when it added the field of water hydraulics into its scope of activities.  

As you know, the fluid power field is a core industry which supports the manufacturing industry.  For innovation and further sophistication of the manufacturing industry, it is essential to provide advanced fluid power equipment and have it used widely.  I believe that, while each company is concentrating on development of new technologies, the fluid power industry as a whole needs to develop and grow in an environment of healthy competition and cooperation.  In order to realize such continued growth of the industry, we must cope with industrial globalization and foster the next generation of professional personnel in the field, as well as prepare an environment where skilled seniors and women can play an active role. 

The JFPA currently comprises 62 full member firms that manufacture, supply and/or provide technical services for hydraulic, pneumatic, and/or water hydraulic equipment/systems, and 58 supporting members that support activities of the association.  To meet the challenges and solve them, and seeking not only to make contributions domestically, but also in the wider global industry arena, we are engaged in activities such as: addressing the common industry issue of standardization through ISO, JIS and other organization standards; the joint efforts of industry and academia in collaboration with the Japan Fluid Power System Society; technical research on trends related to technical regulations overseas, including the “Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)” and the “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)”; publicity and public relations activities, including publication of Fluid Power and Monthly Fluid Power magazines; and international exchange initiatives, including participation in the International Fluid Power Summit and exchanges with related international organizations. 

I will also, as Chairman of the JFPA, make the utmost efforts and do what I can to fulfill my duties.  I sincerely ask for your tremendous support and encouragement.