Japan Fluid Power Association, supported by 120 member companies, are conducting a wide range of activities as summarized below under 6 permanent committees and adjunct working parties and groups;

 (1)   Research on manufacturing, trading, application and consumption of fluid power equipment and components as           well as planning and practice of various policies worked out based on the aforementioned research work.

 (2)   Collection, analysis and supply of statistical data concerning the fluid power industry.

 (3)   Research and Promotion of various measures to timely serve the needs of member companies, i.e.: constant                 improvement and diffusion of PL(Product Liability) Insurance and Life Insurance Systems.

 (4)   Drafting and diffusion of industrial standards and principlesrelated to the fluid power equipment and components.

 (5)   Experiments and studies concerning enhancement of quality and performance of the fluid power equipment and            components.

(6)   Research and promotion of measures for improving production efficiency and so on of the fluid power industry.

 (7)   Promotion of research and development of water-hydraulics technology.

 (8)   Publication of quarterly, monthly and other periodicals.

 (9)   Promotion of International activities;

    a)    Organizing and sponsoring international fluid power exhibition(IFPEX) at home and participation in similar                      shows to be held abroad.

    b)    Dispatch and reception of various study missions to and from aboad.

    c)     Exchange of fluid power statistical data with counterpart organizations all over the world and positive                             participation in the international project for the fluid power statistics harmonization.

    d)    Promotion of harmonization with international standards including ISO.

JFPA’s organization chart, members of the Board of Directors and statistical data as well as directory and table of products are shown next.